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Hello, I'm Ria

The first time I made cold process soap was in 2016 when I was going through a difficult time in my life. I have always loved making and creating things from raw ingredients and I needed an outlet at that time. Soap making not only provided me with a distraction that I could spend my time learning about in books, it also gave me something to do with my hands when sitting still was impossible.


I experimented with so many different oils, in those early days I was obsessed with making soap from plant milks, Goats milk, oats and Avocado puree. Soap gives truly limitless possibilities in terms of what properties you wish to give it, and I have studied and love them all. I gave my soaps to thrilled friends and family, I practiced making swirls and different techniques of soap making for years as a hobby, but after Covid I decided it was finally time to take the plunge and get some soaps certified.

I've been doing markets with my first set of certified soaps for 2 years now, and loving every minute of this journey. I develop all my recipes myself, including my dish soap which took over 100 failed recipes to get just right; and my newest formulation the doggy shampoo, which has had over 40 formulations and has been tested thoroughly by many volunteer pooches! 


Aside from my love of soap, I'm a proud mum to three beautiful children and enjoy living in Kent.

Company Ethics

I'm only interested in natural and sustainable living which is why I have made the following pledges for my business to operate by:


  • Only use natural oils in my soaps with no synthetic additives.

  • Only use natural powders, clays and botanicals to colour my products.

  • Only use sustainable palm oil in small quantities in my soaps.

  • Only use minimum essential oils or fragrance oils to scent my soaps enough that they will last through the product

  • Choose sustainable business models such as zero waste on packaging. I wrap my soaps in compostable papers and natural raffia, and encourage you to reuse boxes or bags. It may also mean you receive a box or filling which has been reused from my own wholesale purchases.

  • Source my ingredients as locally as I can, when I can - for example I buy honey and beeswax at local farmers markets. Of course I cannot buy coconut oil from the UK but I ensure all other ingredients are sustainably sourced from reputable companies.

  • Zero soap waste policy - I do not bevel my soap edges and highly encourage you to use your soaps carefully! Keep them dry between uses and they should last a really long time, a little goes a long way.

Get in touch

Should you have any questions about any of my products please get in contact below. 


I welcome wholesale orders, please email (line sheets available on request).

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